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Great News!!

We have been wanting this for years: play in the Feesttent in our “hometown” De Kwakel.

This year we have the honor of playing a set of our coolest and partiest covers.

Will you come and sing and dance with us?

CU there!!


Kookboek Combi Small

Long, long time ago we announced that we would do something with cooking.

These were actually two things: our new “a la carte” theme (1) and our participation in a cookbook.

The creation of the cookbook was initiated by the first ladies team of Pinoké, a hockey club in Amsterdam playing at the highest hockey level in our country.

To get sponsoring for their extensive training program they decided to create a cookbook containing the favorite recipes of the players of the team. And AliceGood is in the cookbook as well!!

If you want, you can still buy a copy of the cookbook for €5.