Locked In Music

Alice¿Good is a coverband. But so now and then, we write our own songs. In 2020 we had our ‘locked in music’-sessions and record a few songs.
Here are our most recent music videos and links to Spotify:

‘One Day Fly’ by Alice¿Good

May 2020 – We are ‘Locked in Music’, so we’ve recorded a song. Sit back and get ready, ’cause here is our new single: One Day Fly. Hope you like it as much as we did enjoyed recording it for you. Stay safe and look after each other.

‘Alice Good’ by Alice¿Good

April 2020 – This is an old song, but we remastered it. And with a new videoclip, the song is brand new. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

‘Reason’ by Alice¿Good

December 2020 – We give you a real good reason to stay safe: watch our newest song Reason. Let us know what you think about it.

‘King Without A Crown’ by Alice¿Good

August 2020 – Here’s the music video of our song: King Without A Crown! Please subscribe: let’s hit the 100 subscribers! Thanks!

‘Universe Of Souls’ by Alice¿Good

June 2020 – For all people of the world and all generations. Written en recorded a few years ago, but remastered and finished in 2020. Stay Safe and Stay Tuned. Alice¿Good.

‘Lunatic Circus’ by Alice¿Good

July 2020 – Do not bother our misbehaving clown in our new music video ‘Lunatic Circus’ by the band Alice¿Good. You’d better subscribe or the Joker will get you anyway! 😉

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