Four new gigs added for 2019!

The “master of bookings” has done a great job!

Starting on April 6 in ’t Fort, then Kingsday in Nieuwveen, May 25 in N201 for our annual gig and last (for now) but certainly not least there is one “secret gig”. We’ll keep you posted on this one!

Make sure you attend our gigs. It’s Party Time!!!

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Yep!! You read correctly. On June 16 AliceGood will have her annual N201 gig. An evening of Rock, Pop and Fun! We will select a good cause and communicate that later. We’ll also let you know as of when (and where) tickets are available.

We willen meer video’s op Youtube krijgen en daarvoor roepen we jullie hulp in.
Maak op 10 maart a.s. een video opname van één van onze songs en app die naar een van de bandleden.
De best gelukte video (beeld, geluid) wordt door AliceGood geselecteerd en beloond met een “bon naar keuze” t.w.v. € 25,-.
We hopen op een grote respons…

On Monday October 19, 2016 the movie “Fataal” had its premiere at Tuchinski Theater Amsterdam.
The maker of the movie is 19 year old Jesse Bleekemolen, son of AliceGood guitarist Eus.

The movie is meant to restart the discussion on “senseless violence” (zinloos geweld). And it was an impressive movie.

We like to concratulate Jesse on this impressive performance to get your own movie on the agenda of 50 cinema’s (and counting).
Second quarter of next year this will be followed by a theater tour.

Check out the movie at:

Jesse, great job.

Long, long time ago we announced that we would do something with cooking.

These were actually two things: our new “a la carte” theme (1) and our participation in a cookbook.

The creation of the cookbook was initiated by the first ladies team of Pinoké, a hockey club in Amsterdam playing at the highest hockey level in our country.

To get sponsoring for their extensive training program they decided to create a cookbook containing the favorite recipes of the players of the team. And AliceGood is in the cookbook as well!!

If you want, you can still buy a copy of the cookbook for €5.