ROB – Vocals & Sax

Rob is the lead singer of the band and plays saxophone and guitar as well. He was a strong goalkeeper and soccer fan by heart but changed his goals on the age of 19 and kicked his gloves ‘n balls into the ring and started to play sax ‘n sound! Alice¿Good was Robs “Rock Academy” as he really learned to appreciate it performing this fantastic music himself.

He was originally inspired by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Toto and Talk Talk, which was later on added to by Robbie Williams and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the search for other cool songs, Rob became the strong driver behind the songs of Greenday.

When Eus can’t find the lyrics to his original tunes, Rob kicks in and comes up with some cool lines to complete a song. These Alice¿Good originals are then recorded in Rob’s studio; the “Urban / Uithoorn Underground”.

Rob is the co-founder of Alice¿Good.