EUS – Guitars

Eus is the lead guitarist of the band as well as background vocalist.What shall we say…he has been infected by KISS and GUITARS since he was age 11. He is a huge fan of rock music with attitude and lots of Tits ‘n Ass.

He will listen and tiphat to all those rock icons who set the example “to believe in your yourselves and live your dreams!” Eus’ musical influences vary a lot: From Elvis Costello, Billy Joel, Wings, Queen, Tears for Fears till David Lee Roth, AC/DC, Devin Townsend, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steve Vai, Queens of the Stone Age, always respecting a big tiphat to Slash. Inspired by these big boys he is writing and painting his own modern rock songs with attitude and cool riffs. Of course this includes an occasional ballad as well.
The machines Eus is playing: Les Paul Gibson (nice and heavy!), Gretsch PowerJet and Takamine acoustics.
Eus is the co-founder of Alice¿Good